Google Chrome, browser from google

Hello, I have recently downloaded Chrome browser from the Google. As it is a product of Google, I was bit exited how it will be? So I have installed it. And yes it is found more efficient than the other browsers. It is having more space and clean. Google has arranged the menu in the efficient manner to get more space on the screen. On the top, its having address bar to type website address and it also work as search box. No other extra option or box for search. Google chrome has almost (not fully used key shortcuts ) similar key shortcuts like Firefox browser. It reflects Google theme, simple, sweet and efficient. Still some functionality and plug in support is not available with this. It is available for currently for windows XP and above version. So now just waiting for the linux version, as I am open source lover. Have a look on the screen shot of Google chrome browser, [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Google Chrome"]Google Chrome[/caption]

Google chrome browser
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